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Memory Blankets

This work recounts memories and stories through light and shadow, illness with layers of acrylic shapes sewn to form contemporary tapestries that I refer to as ‘Memory Blankets’. My work is illustrative of the ties that bind family, friends and life events; although the stories relate to my life they have a resonance in all our lives.
My ‘memory blanket’ work has been described as having a delicate nature; it looks that way on the surface. I sew the pieces together with book binding thread, linking the people and events to offer one story; the shadows cast makes the second layer. The viewer needs to play detective to discover the stories hidden in the shadows. The film ‘Memory’ shows the installation of a memory blanket exhibition at Rochester Art and Craft Gallery.

Memory Timeline

  • Japan 2003
    Copper work
  • My Memory Blanket 2004
  • Doll On | Off
  • Memory Dress
  • My Memory Blanket 2008
  • Eyes Wide Open Memory Blanket 2010
About Me

I’m Wendy… I’m an artist… I make things.  I explore, I share, I enable, I build, I encourage, I listen, I assist, I receive commissions… life’s busy!



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